Intriguing bronze item

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One of the most interesting items i've seen for a very long time!

Found by a friend recently and luckily its quite well preserved too. But what is it? Have to admit i'm not sure, best thought is some form of locking type slide mechanism perhaps. On the first photo, the lower bar i'm sure did retract fully & has a star shaped design on the stub end. The handle end used to pull back & forth.

Top section appears to be fully fixed although it too has a double-looped handle same as lower. Decorated 'ducks head' form seen on quite early metalwork is lovely.

Dating? I'd guess pre 12th and could be by quite a bit. Leaning maybe Romanesque 11/12th.

Unknown finds are now quite rare to see - & this is one of them. Length is about 4".

First picture is now doubled in size Fred!
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Charles Abbeyville
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Hope some one can id that, I have never even seen a part of anything like that! :thumbsup:
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That looks really interesting. My first thought is that it could be a type of window stay to hold a window open but that’s just a complete guess! Looking forward to seeing what it ends up being!
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It looks like some form of locking mechanism. Can't really see enough detail to guess how it works though. :thumbsup:
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Scrub my window stay idea, it’s probably too small to be that
Dave The Slave
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Very ornate , not seen anything like that.
Extremely lucky to have both parts still together, which should aid an ID from someone.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Similar to the portable folding small steelyard weighing scales?
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I like this item :thumbsup:
I think Clint has it :thumbsup:
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bet that one blew your ears out ,interesting item well found
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