Absolutely stumped!! Roman/Saxon?

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Good day everyone,

I wish I could pretend I had some vague idea what this might be, but I’m afraid I don’t! Got a feeling it may be of considerable age (Saxon?), but sure I’m about to be told otherwise :D

Best wishes

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No idea, but looks very interesting :thumbsup:
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Nice item
Look at 180 turn
Look amulet Saxon
Gerard Maurice
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Looks like an upside down openwork saxon pendant (possibly harness) with suspension loop broken off, with backwards facing beast,
Lovely find & well done.
Clint :thumbsup:
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Centre pin from a set of Saxon round headed pins or possibly a Saxon Clothes hook tag, minus the hook? :thumbsup:
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Well, I was convinced it was Saxon but a member on a local Suffolk metal detecting forum assured me it is 100% a medieval processional mount from a medieval cross, representing one of the four evangelists, and showed me a very similar example from the PAS.
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Still a great find :thumbsup:
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Very unusual item, good find of interest
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Is there any gilding remaining on it?

Looks like a Saxon openwork plate brooch to me
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It looks like a limoges mount
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