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DaveP wrote: Sun Jun 19, 2022 6:28 am In Britain.
Evidence for wine related objects in limited locations pre 55BC (Romans send their first mob) - yes
Evidence of routine wine drinking or wine drinking culture pre-Roman - no

It really depends on the question you ask :thumbsup:
Or what you read?
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I haven't got the BAR publication but the synopsis fits with what I said. The synopsis also says "the author suggests...". Can you share section 2 part 4 or the bibliography that relates to that section please (the latter won't be under copyright).
I've just written to the author to see if anything has changed since 2001. If I get an answer I'll update the post.
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Verica was dipicting Roman wine cups on his coins in the early 1st century, he was in bed with the Romans, am sure he was having a snifter of the old Barolo well before he went running to Claudius in Rome :lol: ... icky=false

https://hansonslive.hansonsauctioneers. ... 3Fpage%3D5
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