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With my Daughter moving up here to sleepy Norfolk and her having the same interests as myself , I knew it wouldnt be too long before she got into this amazing hobby . What I did warn her was of course the permission hunting was going to be tough so brace yourself for the long haul .Unfortunately I cannot get her on my own permission which is a shame . The Landowner specifically said please do not ask to bring along a guest , this statement was due to the last detectorist and co seriously misbehaving , so for now I didnt want to chance my arm and create any awkwardness . With that in mind it probably wasnt a bad thing , it would then become a determined effort to seek a new permission of her own of which she did and successfully :thumbsup:
I do have one other small permission which is grass and now it is knee high and wont be cut until late August but its nice to know its waiting in the wings as I have had a few nice bits from that field . To compensate the previous lack of a permission we have been lucky to attend various club digs and if it wasnt for them I think she would be tearing her hair out as the hobby has given her a bite .
Today we recieved news from the landowner that she has access to a five acre field , never been detected and in his words " enjoy and fill yer boots !" It is also very close to home so exciting days ahead .
Tomorrow we are on a club dig then Sunday a bottle dig so a bit of a spoilt weekend :thumbsup:
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Well done her, five acres is a nice size field. One plan is to dig all the obvious good targets then dig all the realky quite iffy targets which are often also good targets but deep. :thumbsup:
Good things come to those who wait.
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Good to hear that your girl's sorted with a nice little permission to start her off up here. Big hurdle cleared - now let's hope there are lots of goodies on it.
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Nice that your daughter has the same interests.
Congrats on the new permission and good luck with the bottle dig.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Wooohooo well done you and the girl :clapping:
Hope it keeps her occupied for a while and she finds some nice bits :thumbsup:
I am not known for my ID skills, but i make a cracking brew :thumbsup:
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