Identifying Sceats

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Never found a sceat but I’d love to. In the meantime I like researching them cause they are so intricate and beautifully designed, with lots of hidden meanings. At a basic level sceats fall into 2 main categories:

Primary & Intermediate series c. 680 - 710 AD - types A-F, and the Secondary series C 710 - 750 AD types G-Z. All the listed types then have sub-series. This basic guides, with visual examples of the types is a good introductory guide and a starting point for further internet research.

Other books worth looking at are:
Sceattas - An Illustrated Guide: Anglo-Saxon Coins and Icons by Tony Abramson 2006. I have this book - it’s good.
Jeffery J North -English Hammered Coinage, Volume 1, Early Anglo Saxon to Henry III 1994 - although now a bit out of date they say.
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