Garrett, Who Uses one as their main Detector.

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Dave The Slave
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Did one of these on C Scope, couple of years back.

Not everyone says which Brand they use.
There are those machines at the top of budget with all the latest this that and the other.
Then there are the more mid price and budget machines.
My main machine since i resumed inland Detecting in Sept 2016, has been the Garrett 400i. The plan originally was to get the ACE 250, from the proceeds of dry sand Detecting with the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV. By the time i secured an inland permission, after years of trying, the Bank of Sand had paid out enough to buy the new 400i.
Easy to use machine for myself, as Technology i struggle with. So something that beeps, with discrimination is sufficient. Has had a new coil after several years, as the land i Detect has rocks, plus a few coil bolts and a couple of arm rests. Has found some Silver, around 10 coins, plus all the other metals including Gold, although that was on the beach. The artefacts from various eras have lead to new knowledge and plenty of enjoyment. Finding my first Roman, finding my first of all manner of things. Serves its purpose for myself and would probably buy another.
Anyone else have Garrett as their main, everyday machine.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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I used the 400i until I got a Deus 1 after about a year. I still have the 400i and will never get shot of it - a little darlin of a machine which has found me heaps of goodies :thumbsup:
Bronze age Dave
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Like figgis I used the Garrett AT PRO INTERNATIONAL
For five or so years until I purchased the Deus 1 .
I found loads with the Garrett and still have it.
I now have the Deus 2 and longshanks has me Deus1 .
I still hang on to the Garrett as it finds the goods,
When I swing it though it feels so awkward compared to the Deus :thumbsup:
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