Copper and brass scrap.

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Usually I find so little scrap copper that it just gets weighed in with mixed brass, even though copper fetches a higher price. But this time I knew that there was a fair bit of copper wire so I sorted through the bucket full of copper alloy scrap. I used a file to check whether the items were brass or copper - brass is bright yellow whereas copper is rather orange. Many items could just not be guessed with any certainty under the green without a scratch regardless of shape or size. As expected most items were brass. The main items that were copper were pipe, wire of different diameters, plate thick and thin, and even some large chunks of casting waste. I ended up with 4.5kg copper and 13.5kg of brass from the one bucket. Sorting through it means a few quid more but it also gave a further reprieve to a few items. :D
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Maybe we should open a ♻️ plant🙂
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I like the file idea :thumbsup: you reminded me of a viking they would scratch hack silver and coins to authenticate that the item was solid silver
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Good tip :thumbsup:
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Like the idea of selling scrap but don`t find the quantities.
Bonus time for all those who do. :clapping:
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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