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Grey base with white and grey inclusions. The grey is flint and the white is presumably shell?

The rim appears to stray outward from the body - see photo. The rim shape doesn’t particularly look like any Roman fragments I’ve seen.
Any ideas please anyone? Seen anything like it?
The flint inclusions and the curving of the rim made me think mortarium.
I found it..well been as it’s quizmas..

It was delivered to me - but only to the bottom of the drive. (Not my drive I was working..)

Where did I find it?

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I like pottery!

This looks like some kind of grey ware, possibly Roman or Medieval with the amount of inclusions. It has no signs I can see of it being a mortarium though. They have a gritty surface on the inside to give a grip when herbs or spices are ground on them.

To identify pottery properly the area where it was found is very important as most items were produced locally. I suspect it might need a local expert too.
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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So do I! Never really used to take too much an interest until I started finding a few pieces and getting curious.

Thanks Oxgirl :thumbsup:

I found it in a bulk bag of Yorkshire Cream landscaping material from a well known company.. :shock: :problem:
So that gives us a clue! The material was made up of crushed limestone and flint mainly with a few iron pyrite nodules scattered through it. Very similar to what you might find on the beach a few miles north of Bridlington. A few years ago now I found possible Roman and early post medieval on the beach a bit further south.
Think that’s what sparked my interest in pottery.
Had another three bulk bags - no free gifts in those!
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