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its been a long while since I found one of these, spotted on newly lifted potatoes. Picked up an interesting Roman local issue bronze coin as well, but this is a belter of a perfect arrowhead!

Long day of searching but is very local to me so easy in that way.
arrow head.jpg
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:clapping: :clapping:

That is a thing of beauty, even if it had a use for killing
Really well spotted, thats is a very fine example
Yep, i'm jealous, again

Well found Stu and cheers for sharing with us :ugeek:
I am not known for my ID skills, but i make a cracking brew :thumbsup:
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That arrowhead is a beauty! I found one just before Christmas but one of the barbs were missing. Yours is perfect :thumbsup:
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Lovely and an increasingly rare find 👍
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Blimey, that is perfect, Gorgeous thing. (PS.....did you get any spuds as well? I must admit I'd of had a bag for them just in case. :lol: )
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Now that's what you call an arrowhead !!
That is a belter ! :clapping: :clapping:

I would love one like that.

Well found and well saved :thumbsup:
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Lovely arrowhead. I've found a few arrowheads but never a barbed one. :thumbsup:
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Very nice. :thumbsup:
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That’s a lovely Bronze Age Sutton type.
Interesting that it looks like a low grade flint - is that typical of your area?
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Yes it is. I find quite a lot of chert tools hereabouts. Thanks for info
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The arrow head is a great eyes only find.
Roman is good too.
Have to admit, would have filled my boots with spuds.
Curious now, do you live near the beach ?
Well done, :thumbsup:
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Brilliant, would love to find one of them, the arrowhead that is. :clapping: :clapping:
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That one is beautiful. Very, very nice indeed :Star:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Lovely Arrowhead :clapping:
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