Repeat run today

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Went back to the same area as I hit the other day with a little bit of some different thoughts. I knew it was so much reduced in the number of targets so perhaps I could make some further alterations to the unit to find a few more bits. Wanted to really press the Deus well past normal comfortable user limits - and I did, bearing in mind the amount of ferrous metalwork .This machine has impressive capabilities for sure.

It was hard but I expected nothing less but the targets were there. The big leads were picked up on the way back in another spot. The coins, with the exception of three, all came from the hard hit area. There is a large length of old chain 15 yards long, great big links. Above this the sand & stones are held deeper than below the chain so the other day I dug away stones & other iron underneath the chain to allow the ebbing tide to move some material away. It is working but may take some time. There's a lot of stuff there I know it!

Had several lovely deep targets with that old fashioned whisper, just like my Pulse induction from years ago. There is an extraordinarily huge amount of iron here, so finding anything past 8" is quite a feat. An old penny was the deepest coin sat in the black layer around 9". Best audio target was a Lee Metford Bullet (nickel jacket with lead fill) that was a merest whisper but at 9" again I was very impressed as I have been for months now. A Cunard button took my eye when dug up, I like shipping line buttons. Most interesting coin in a German Tanzanian 1 Heller from the Hamburg mint which I polished lovingly watching the 'African Queen' funnily enough.

The print from1811 shows the spot & its activity in the past, think the anchor might still be there! Tides are all downhill from now on so may have to travel far or just hit some fresh cultivated soil.
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Well found. :thumbsup: I think that your iron is in a completely different ballpark to the stuff that I whinge about. :D
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