Surprise halfcrown

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I was detecting a WWII air-ground range yesterday, where anything unrelated is a very rare find (even trash is rare :thumbsup: ). Targets are normally .303 cases, with a few .303 bullets, 20mm cases and in extremely rare instances 20mm bullets (I think they are normally too deep), so I can normally tell what a target is before digging it.

But one signal suggesting a .303 case did not sound quite right, imagine my suprise when this beauty popped up. I have not had a halfcrown for a very long time so to get one in this good a condition from this site was a real bonus :Party:

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Well done very nice condition 👍
Dave The Slave
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Out of context surprise items, add to the History of a site.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Very nice. Never seen an Elizabeth half crown before. Least I can’t remember seeing one anyway :D
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That's not seen a lot of wear, never found one myself

Well found and saved

Regards Steve
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Thanks for the nice comments folks.

Just checked my records and my last halfcrown (1948 George VI) was back in Feb 2019, (I actually thought it would have been further back than that).

From what I remember as a lad halfcrowns were nowhere near as common as pennies, sixpences, shillings and florins. Additionally as being larger they were less likely to be lost, therefore its not surprising that they are not such common finds.

As for condition this one just had a very gentle rub to get the worst off it and was then put in my back pocket (it was too big for finds box!) so is "as found", and its lovely to see so much detail.

I know that we like "old" finds, but we are already at the stage where the vast majority of the population would never have seen predecimal coinage.

So combining every thing with its find location makes it a find that will be remembered for a while.

Another bonus is that eventually I am managing to work out how the camera works on the (never used) mobile!.

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Nice to see one that's not orange coloured for a change, well done Evan.
Farthings, groats and half crowns are my favourite milled coins.
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