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Hi All,

I found the site from watching Holzhammers videos on YouTube. A bit about me - I'm very new to this world so will be making the most of the site. I recently picked up a Vanquish 340, Pro-find 20, shovel, beach scoop and some other bits very cheap. I have got myself a permission in Wales. Cheers, Matt.
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Welcome Matt you have to the right site very helpful people well done on your permission and be lucky 👍
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Hi, Matt, and welcome to the forum, chap :thumbsup:
MattW wrote: Tue May 10, 2022 5:32 pm I'm very new to this world
The detecting world or the actual world? I suspect the former, otherwise your vocabulary is pretty well advanced for an infant :lol:

Hope you enjoy it here, and never hesitate to ask whatever questions you may have. Be sure to post up your finds, too :thumbsup:
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Hi Matt from another Matt,
Welcome aboard,you’ll like it on here, friendly and helpful 👍
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Welcome Matt, you have the right gear to find some stuff! :thumbsup:
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Welcome Matt! You certainly have all the main boxes ticked equipment-wise and, most importantly, a permission to boot!
Make sure you show us what you find. Don't throw anything away unless you absolutely KNOW it is rubbish. (ring pulls, shotgun cartridges , bottle tops etc) It is very surprising sometimes how some very old things (especially parts of things, partifacts) can look like nothing much when you are unfamiliar with the item. When starting out on a new permission, everything is a clue.
Best of luck, Jan.
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Welcome Matt :thumbsup: Very glad you found us and we like to see some newer members of the detecting community joining us. It’s always a pleasure to answer your questions, if you have any :D
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Hi Matt,
Welcome aboard, good choice ! :thumbsup:
You'll like it here ,a very friendly and knowledgeable bunch,
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