Odd fossil creature

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Hi all
I spotted this stone metal detecting in Suffolk.
I always pick up unusual or sparkly stones. 😬
It’s been in the boot of my car for months.
I had to clear out the boot which has all the usual detecting rubbish lol and retrieved this.
I washed it and left to dry, then was going to put it in the garden with my others and whilst chatting to my friend and looking at the black area I suddenly saw the shape of a fish.
Then I could see the tail/fin and so excited to see it’s a fossil.
Well I’m convinced it it.
I can see the structure if the creature.
Has anyone got any idea what it might be?
I’ve tried putting it on the U.K. fossil ID Facebook group but no luck yet.
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We've got an old fossil creature in the Mod's Lounge :D

First off, welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your time here :thumbsup:

Second, cracking images there. It's so important to get good quality and you've certainly managed it there.

Thirdly, what they're images of look for all the world to be a fish as you describe. I really hope so. Got to be, hasn't it? The only thing holding me back is how it seems to be wrapped around the stone, but I'm far from any kind of fossil expert. Any kind of expert, come to that :lol:
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figgis wrote: Sat Apr 23, 2022 1:42 pm We've got an old fossil creature in the Mod's Lounge :D
Oi i resemble that remark!!

Yes welcome in and we do have a couple of folk here who are very good with fossils and the like, hopefully they see this soon and tell us what it is :thumbsup:
I am not known for my ID skills, but i make a cracking brew :thumbsup:
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My guess, and it is only that, is a mineral inclusion of some sort. I say that only because the surrounding rock doesn't look to be a sedimentary rock or flint-type.

If you want a group that can tell you if it's a fossil or not try https://www.discussfossils.com/your-finds-513394


You need to tell them where it was found.
You need a scale - I notice a thumb in there so that may do but a scale of some sort is important.
When you post your pictures they don't appear straight away which makes you think they haven't loaded. They have. If you post again you just get a double post.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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