A few more bits.

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I had another go on the silver field. Third target out was silver, likely a watch back, it just has the lion mark. Next up was a collar badge of the 18th Battalion (Western Ontario) Canadian Expeditionary Force who embarked for Great Britain on 18th April 1915 and disbanded in 1920. So a good start with those two.
Gridding an area produced a few coins, a bull nose ring, a chunky barrel tap key and a WWI (Not from :lol: ) Norfolk shoulder title.

There was George III halfpenny love token with J and R stamped on it, likely dating 1770's.
A head to maybe compete with Kenleyboy's profile pic?
62 targets dug but it seemed like a lot less at the time.
Good things come to those who wait.
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That looks like maybe a pipe tamper head?
Or possibly a baccy jar or tea jar?

Anyways, that field is the field that keeps on giving fella :thumbsup:
You must be slim as a beanpole with all that digging :lol:
I am not known for my ID skills, but i make a cracking brew :thumbsup:
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