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I have just seen on FB a video of a works unit that has been totally destroyed due to a fire.

The cause of the fire was a Deus II that had been left charging :shock: :shock:

Nearly all manufacturers of rechargable items, including metal detectors, say do not leave them on charge when you can not monitor them.

Many fires are known to have been started by mobiles on charge and I have heard of a metal detector causing a file previously.

So for your own, and your loved ones, sake DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DETECTOR ON CHARGE WHERE YOU CAN NOT WATCH IT.

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Thanks Evan :thumbsup:
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Absolutely agree - you must keep an eye on anything charging up. I have dedicated, branded chargers for all my electronic household kit that requires charging - no cheap Chinese rip offs - but even so I switch anything off if I'm not going to be in the immediate vicinity. Although unlikely, it's simply not worth chancing.
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Most people never give it a second thought like my mate 2 weeks ago who went out with his family for Sunday snap and came back to no garage Apparently it was a cordless battery he left on charge.
Just a heads up on anyone still using fluorescent tubes with starters. I've had 2 starters fail and set on fire.
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Very worthwhile reminder. Another one to avoid (and our dustbin was emitting a plume of smoke before I - thankfully - spotted it in time, is rags used to apply linseed oil (or anything containing it like varnish, or in this case lead patination oil)... :thumbsup:
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