Does anyone else share a permission?

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Do I share a permission? Not that I am aware of, but maybe? My main local permission, the landowner has told me that he will not allow anyone else but me to detect his land - it is good to know exactly where you stand. Another not local but large permission I guess the farmer would probably allow anyone to detect who asked, like I did! My latest local pasture farm permission I got the impression that no others detected it anymore - but I have seen signs and some quite recent looking dig holes, though really just not sure how old they are? - a question to ask the farmer next time.
When I get a new previously undetected permission I like to build up a picture from the finds of the unwritten historical activity of the land. Sharing it with another would likely leave parts of the puzzle missing? Though guess that a likeminded soul working together to collaborate info on the project could work? But then again if it was a really good site then I just would not want to share at all out of choice, but still happy to be part of it otherwise. A while back I enquired about detecting at another land holding and the owners were okay about it but they left the decision up to the two current detectorists - so I took that as a no! If I ask and they say that someone is already detecting their land then I ask if it is regular and recently? - if it is not then that can sway things! But I don't wish to tread on anybody's toes at all - I am a solo detectorist! :D
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On my main permission the landowners friend occasionally detects but he is a fair weather detector when he can be bothered. I know him and he does show me and the landowner his finds which more often than not is scrap. I know he has found 2 hammered but I know he is not a serious detector but I suppose the only issue I have is that I have mapped every hammered find so having someone else find them upsets my map! I do know he occasionally takes a friend with him. I do occasionally take friend with me as a reciprocal for them taking me out and the landowner is happy with that.

Another permission I have the landowner has been asked by a couple of people if they can detect and he always calls me and asks if that is OK as I am the detectorist on his land. I always say it is his land to do what he wants and as I don't visit very often I have no problem. He likes to build trust so asked what he should do so I said you could start with giving them 1 field and see how it goes if they show you finds. He has passed my number on to them and I have spoken to one of them but I don't know if they have ever detected as I have heard nothing since.
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I plot all relevant finds on field maps for my landowners and have done so for a decade or more now so patterns in the history of the land can be demonstrated when i manage to pin the owners down for a cuppa. It helps me focus on where to search and areas not to bother with too much. Finds are passed back on a regular basis bagged with 10 fig Grid References and details of the item.

This agreement i know is appreciated by all the landowners and others detecting on the land would be unhelpful as most are keep it quiet pocket fillers these days. Naturally the norm these days is for the door knockers, email senders and even the odd letter sender to pester landowners and my landowners are no exception sometimes to annoying levels. One added a hand painted notice to the farm gate specifically saying " Metal Detecting enquiries- dont bother asking" which says it all. Anyway i have discussed the sole permission situation and why i feel it is important to avoid problems and all readily agreed.

After all it is far easier to avoid a discussion with the eager Newbie plodding across a newly drilled field to the tractor busy drilling the field, ( it happened ) desperate for permission, simply to be told "sorry mate someone else has permission" and drill on. Well i dont think the conversation was that polite ,but i understand that the chap got the message :thumbdown:
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