The best boots.

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I use these in winter and wet. Expensive but I managed to bag a pair form GoOutdoors for near enough half price last year and still going very strong. Not suitable for summer though as they are fleece lined.
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Hi guys, trimming cows feet for a living im in wellies all day everyday and in 30 years work i can honestly say ive tried them all. With an average lifespan of 9 months, boots ranging from £20 to £300 Until i found these.... ... wellington

I have had a pair 4 years and counting, worn on concrete all day sole still looks as good as new, no splits in upper. So warm too. Worn them digging since new too although my time spent digging would be less than a lot of yourselves.
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I use Lightweight Wellies / Carp Fishing Boots £30 off eBay. they come with an inner sock. Nice and light. I have a pair of Men's Eurotrek Lite Waterproof Walking Boots for the summer months or when I'm not on muddy fields . These have lasted me Donkey's years but are now needing to be replaced as the rubber is beginning to crack
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Pete E wrote: Tue May 07, 2024 9:27 pm Aren't they steel toe caps? :shock:

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But surely I am the best boots! :lol: :D
I first make sure there is no metal anywhere in the boots. If metal lace eye-lets I prize them off. I tend to spend a lot of time detecting very slowly in specific areas and avoiding boots becomes too much of a nuisance.
In the winter I rely on wellies....lots of heavy squelchy clay soil makes that prudent.Any other time I use some men's shoes. I find actual walking boots too heavy and uncomfortable so go for mens casual shoes instead. They are much stronger than the ladies equivalent. And as I am size 7 I can get some brilliant bargains of smaller sized men's shoes when the sales come around.
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