Would you change your detector?

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Nig the dig
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like many I've been detecting since the 70's and have used a variety of machines. currently I have the Manticore and well happy with it.
I did contemplate the D2 while waiting delivery of the Manticore but decided to wait. so glad I did. No, I never name things as I can't see the point :D
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Nig the dig wrote: Thu May 02, 2024 12:00 pm like many I've been detecting since the 70's and have used a variety of machines. currently I have the Manticore and well happy with it.
I did contemplate the D2 while waiting delivery of the Manticore but decided to wait. so glad I did. No, I never name things as I can't see the point :D
However good they are my detectors are usually referred to using a variety of expletives. :D
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My first detector was aC Scope and as somebody mentioned they usually pay for them my second and least favourite was a Garrett Ace financed by my 50% of my first gold coin then onto my favourite a Silver Sabre next was a Laser B3 powermax fitted with an 11 inch wide scan head financed with the sale of a Addedmoras silver unit and last but not least a NOX 800 financed by my lovely wife as a retirement present and as with most modern detectors it’s brilliant as going over my old sites it was like starting again
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fred wrote: Thu May 02, 2024 12:02 pm However good they are my detectors are usually referred to using a variety of expletives. :D
The only time I can reliably be found swearing with detector in hand is when I'm on my umpteenth scoop of wet sand on the beach and the fantastic-sounding target is still in the hole ! :D :thumbsup:
Dave The Slave
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In the no camp as to change, which is myself in general.
Although it is probably the most basic machine on here, am happy with the Garrett 400i.
Use it as switch on and go. Have limited Detecting time, only adjustment i ever make is one bar up or down on Sensitivity.
Has found some good artifacts, or i think they are and will use it to the end,
Have never traded a car in either, run them until uneconomical to fix.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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I started off with a White's Classic III SL - solid on targets and very enjoyable to use even though limited on depth. I upgraded to a White's DFX, it had some more depth though a crazy amount of settings to decipher to get the best out of it. Next was a Deus 1, it found lots more targets on the same land but also lots of coke which the DFX just did not see at all. I needed a SMF machine for the deeper pasture targets so bought a Nox 800 and used it with the 15" coil for over 3 years. It was very impressive in finding both small and very deep targets. But even with a carbon stem it was causing tennis elbow so I attached a simple home made bungee which made it completely effortless to swing. For the last 2 years I have been using a D2 with 13" coil, remote on belt, audio only. I favour the D2 for it's lightweight, great ergonomics, build quality, quiet stability, and clear audio nuance to know what's what without any real need for a screen at all, though the remote is very handy for quick and easy changes.
In my view most modern detectors will find most targets though some have an edge in certain situations which can be advantageous, but can often still be dependant upon the detectorist's interpretation! :D
D2 - 13"x11" coil - audio only.
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My hunter gathering journey started from being a very young lad always with my head down scanning the floor for what I could find and I was quite successful finding the old pennies that were legal tender at the time and once a 10 bob note which my mother insisted I took it to the Police Station and handing it in to lost property, but I did get it back some time later when it was declared as not claimed, well I say got it back, it went straight in to my mums purse to help with the housekeeping, not the outcome I was hoping for but hey ho I think perhaps my mum was also a hunter gatherer too and maybe that’s where I got it from.
I also remember finding half a dozen foreign coins and a silver bull head sixpence next to a dustbin at the back of an abandoned shop and that started my interest in collecting coins. The coin collecting continued in to my secondary School days along with many other lads in the playground swapping pennies for date gaps in our collections.
Later on in my early twenties I continued my collection by trolling second hand markets and coin shops and ended up with a good selection of old pennies, sixpences, shillings, and half crowns plus foreign coins all presented in a coin album which later I gave to my son.

Fishing was another hobby that lasted again from being a young lad right through to my Forties until I fell out of love after struggling with the ethics of the sport, I wasn’t very good at it anyway always getting the line tangled or casting in to a tree wrapping the line around the branches. There was now a gap in the hobby front which brought me to look for something new to do.

My detecting days started by chance when I saw a metal detector on Ebay, I say a detector it ended up being a child’s starter machine (similar to the photo) but I won the auction for only about 4 or 5 quid. At that time I knew nothing about detecting and even less about detectors, nothing has drastically changed since, anyway the machine was that basic it would only pick up metal from about ½ inch deep if you were lucky. After trying it out for a month or so on the beach and on common council land (without being aware that you needed permission) the performance of both the detector and me led to the inevitable and gave it up as a bad idea, but I did manage to sell it on Ebay for £22 so some consolation for my bad decision.

Many years later now in my late sixties I got the urge again to do some detecting and bought a second hand Garrett 250 and ventured out gaining my first proper permission on a Farm quickly followed by two more so I was up and running doing proper detecting, if you can call a Garrett 250 proper detecting (If it rings dig it), although this method did bring me plenty of decent finds for a newbie, but I was satisfied at the time with my finds as every find was a new triumph and I remember being excited at finding my first pre decimal coin a George V1 ship halfpenny, then every older coin again was another triumph for me. Finds kept coming with more older coins, military cap badges, lead weights and palm guards, etc. along with plenty of iron as I had not got my head around the settings yet even though these settings were simple and limited with the Garrett 250. This continued for approximately a year and a half.

It was now time to upgrade so sold the 250 again for a profit and went for a new Garrett 400i, I think from memory I only went for a Garrett again as they seem to be one of the most publicized machines in my price range at that time.
Buy this time I had gained a few more permissions to go at, so off I went with a bit more anticipation of what I might find with my new upgraded machine. The 400i was an improvement to the previous machines mainly as the ringing on the Garrett 250 had been replaced with a more definable tone on the 400i which meant that I could pick out the different tones for different metals with a bit more confidence, although the hand grip was still foam the same as the 250 and a mud magnet making it a pain to clean.

My time had come to splash out a bit on a better machine and after a lot of research homed in on the XP ORX with the HF 9” coil - light weight, easy settings, wireless coil and headphones, retractable stem for easy transporting, good depth, tones that are easily identifiable, rechargeable main unit and coil and a solid plastic hand grip.
After getting to grips with the settings the ORX is at a different level completely to the Garrett 250 & 400i and is a pleasure to use. Although it is classed as an intermediate machine I have had a good 4 years using the ORX finding plenty of items at good depths including my first Gold Ring, a Gold Victoria Sovereign and a few Roman.
I am very happy using the ORX and I think it is a fantastic machine and would not change it, apart from the lure of such as the Deus11 or the Manticore which are out of my price bracket (according to my wife).

Now in my early 70s I have gone from 6 / 7 hour sessions 3 times a week to 2 / 3 hour sessions once every few weeks due to a hip problem which was initially brought on by detecting. This injury coincided with the start of the Covid Pandemic which meant proper exercise was at a minimum for a couple of years resulting in arthritis setting in. I still manage to get out and still enjoy the hobby although I feel it a lot more now for a few days afterwards but "Once a Hunter Gatherer always a Hunter Gatherer".

I do not name my detector as I would hate to let slip a name in my sleep that I am not married to and end up with more than just a bad hip. :Thinking:
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