Hello everyone!!!

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I first started detecting in 1988 using a hopeless Whites machine that was all nobs and too complicated to use. A neighbour, and soon a friend, was using a Tesoro Silver Sabre, so I purchased a silver sabre plus and things really started to pick up.

A much older setecting acquaintance took me on a site in 1990 as a guest. The field had been detected on for many years and I found a roman grave which has turned out quite special. The older folks reading this may remember the pyxis and its story (searcher issue 71). The grave goods hae been on permanent display at the British Museum for 33 years. The pyxis is still the only one found in this country and the only one in the world in context. The display is in the Romano British section an d entitled 'The Elsenham Grave'.

The friend, who started me off all those years ago, has now retired and I am about to. Both of us have had a 20 year break and now have much more time (but not energy) and have started getting some good finds. Glad to be on the hub and look forward to getting some coins properly ID'd.
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Nice post and welcome to the hub. :thumbsup:
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Cracking intro. :thumbsup:
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The pyxis is beautifull. And to found a roman grave is unreal. :clapping:
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Great first post and stunning discovery
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What a find!
Bronze age Dave
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Ace :thumbsup:
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Wow that’s a bit special - welcome :thumbsup:
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Welcome to the Hub.
What a great discovery, Roman Grave.
Never seen a Pyxsis before and to have had that on display at the BM for 33 years must be wonderful.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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