Treasure - guidance and advice and links to the law

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What is treasure?
Summary definition of Treasure The Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) summary of the Act. It tells you what qualifies as treasure. Note this is for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but excludes Scotland.
Scottish Treasure Trove Law. This provides everything you need to know about what should be reported, how you report, etc. Note this is ONLY for finds found in Scotland.

Treasure Act Official documents
Treasure Act Code of Practice (3rd Revision - published in 2023) - this is the guide that sits alongside the Treasure Act, providing further guidance on the timescales for the process, responsibilities, etc.
The Treasure Act 1996 (with 2023 changes) - full legal document so only read if you really have to!

Coroners’ Advice
Coroner’s guidance on Treasure - note this tells you who to hand finds to and how long the coroner has to hold an inquest after being informed there is interest from a museum.

Contact details
Contact details for Finds Liaison Officers (FLOs) and British Museum PAS staff
Contact details for Coroners
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