Water Bottles

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With the constant amount of rain we have had so far this year up in the not so sunny Norfolk , it has been difficult to actually get out on the land and do some metal detecting let alone any bottle digging . I havent dug purposely for bottles since last september mostly once again due to the weather . Once the water table rises then it really is a waste of time . I do have two small tips which I am awaiting permission on and that is a test of patience like all these things but I am hopeful and if just one comes off then that is better than none .
Bottle wise there has been some trade offs especially excess unwanted bottles which are classed as bulk . These get moved on mostly sold or traded , I dont like too much hanging around in boxes so they shift and the trade off is usually something I want and I am glad to see the back of a floor full of boxes of bottles .
Seeing as its wet and horrible out there I thought I may as well run a watery theme and these examples are more to my liking , some quirky but all with a tale to tell and recent finds or swaps , some from the sea , lakes and ponds .
20240427_164625_resized[184111]river bottle 1 .jpg
I spotted this one at a fair last year and wished I bought it back then but didnt for some odd reason . Fortunately for me this was still with the seller . What caught my eye and appealed to me was the patina created naturally from being in the banks of a muddy river Thames for many years . Date wise 1830 , three piece mould wine bottle .
20240427_164810_resized[184112]sea bottle 2.jpg
20240427_164832_resized[184113]sea bottle 3.jpg
Both these bottles had been rolling around the sea bed and have gathered themselves some barnacles . The tall wine bottle has lost some of the crust but left behind an impression which has an almost etched finish which has eaten into the surface of the bottle leaving some interesting patterns all created by nature .
The smaller bottle is an interesting one , beautiful colour and not been so affected by the ravages of the ocean with just a few barnacles on the lip . I like this bottle because of the shape and colour but not sure of this is English or not .
20240427_165218_resized[184114]lake bottle 5.jpg
This old girl was launched into a lake no doubt after some Early Victorian jolly frivolity ! Once again the water has affected the glass and I like these odd quirky bottles .
20240427_165229_resized[184115]pond bottle .jpg
Last but not least a glass version based on the stoneware ginger beers . I managed to fish this out of a pond with the stopper intact .The glass has held out well against the water and was exceptionally clean with some good strong embossing .
Old habits die hard , we still to this day continue to chuck our bottles into the many waterways but somehow todays rubbish hasnt quite got the appeal of yesteryears trash . Saying that , they are now collecting the old 70s washing up bottles and similar so who knows !
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Really love the top bottle. Mind you if I'd seen it I would have guessed that it was at least a hundred years or more earlier than it is. the glass ginger beer is most unusual. :thumbsup:
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I’m amazed how bottles survive the sea, or indeed any river with some current behind it. They must get knocked around all over the place. Some nice examples there Paul :thumbsup:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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