I guess this was going to happen ..

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I would approach them. Not in an aggressive way but ask them what you’ve found and drop in you know the land owner. I’d make a name up for the land owner and see if they corrected me. If they don’t then I’d assess the situation and either walk away and contact the land owner and let them come down and sort them out or, if I felt safe, tell them to pack up and *beep* off.

Calling the police should be done on 101, unless it’s a scheduled site where it’s 999. If it was a scheduled site I’d go straight to 999 and not go near them. Remember though that if detecting becomes a hassle for your land owner you could get into a situation where they decide there is no detecting at all. It’s a potential minefield. It makes my blood boil when I see it or hear of it but I don’t know any good way of dealing with it that is actually effective in the long term.
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