Flint items - revisited

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Hi all,

I posted these sometime last year which got some lovely attention thank you. I’ve had them looked at by a family friend (ex archaeologist) and believe that definitely worked flint, with confidence they the pointed flint piece could be arrow head related. Any comments Welcome
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Both look to be struck flint. The bulb is a sign. Sometimes striking can occur natural, making it hard tot determine what is worked and what is not. The upper one looks to have irregular edges, which could be retouched. But again sometimes retouche occurs naturally trough hitting other stones in the ground, ploughing etc. Then again it could be utilized as a small blade or scraper.

For it to be called an arrowhead we need to have a look on the other side (the dorsal side), if it''s retouched it might have been used as a projectile point, but the size of the flint makes me doubt it a bit. Maybe some more photos will reveal a better way to determine how and in what way the were used. :thumbsup:
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I can only think I must have been right on the source of the flint..!!
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