Hi, my first detector was made of wood. Says something really and my grandad had one.

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However I got really into the present style of detecting from more unusual origins 3 yrs ago and this is almost how long my Vanquish has lasted. I've done a bit of YouTube of my finds during the last 6 months, as Dave Detecting. Most of what I do is now on there. V. interested in archaeology, particularly the dark ages.
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Welcome aboard Dave. :thumbsup:
D2 - 13"x11" coil - audio only.
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Now you have me intrigued - a wooden detector? I think you need to tell us more :D

Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Welcome :D :thumbsup:
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Oxgirl wrote: Wed Mar 27, 2024 10:17 pm Now you have me intrigued - a wooden detector? I think you need to tell us more :D

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Yay! :D :thumbsup:

My first one was made of wood too! Best part of 50 years ago, from a circuit in "Everyday Electronics" and which was financed by my paper-round I seem to remember. I was better at electronics than woodwork then, I think it's the other way round now! Before I got bored of it I found a pre-decimal or two and a spring steel 'whalebone' coated in pink plastic, which my mum Id'd as a corset-stay.

PS Who knew you could have so much fun for 35p?! - https://www.worldradiohistory.com/UK/Ev ... 977-10.pdf
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on one of my visits to my sister in Oz , customs were more awake than I was. I always declare my detector as they are very fussy about things. you fill in the card in flight and tick yes I've been on farmland recently, yes I've been in contact with cattle etc. and they never ever ask to see the detector (scrub the detector as much as you like and it still shows signs of soil)
2am in the morning and I go down the aisle for something to declare and 2 ladies say "what do you want to declare?" a metal detector, I reply.
"not a wooden one then? " she asks. No a metal detector, I reply. they both laugh. As I leave the terminal. Doh! I think
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I presume my reply to your numerous welcomes (and thankyou) is here. It was a limited production b.f.o. I pulled it apart as a child, as was keen to see how it worked after it detuned. I can't find any images but had one AAA battery and a transistor radio on the stem.
With this machine we found a number of less regular items. One was a bloomery site, although that could be attributed to my father really. It is not recorded and plan a return hopefully which return I will post on my channel ..permission permitting!
I joined up with an aviation archaeologist and most of my earlier adventures were in connection with that. Then a gap with no detecting til 20 yrs ago with my brothers Viking found a Spitfire mk9 now at Headcorn museum near my home.
Which brings me to my more recent interest in ancient things. This arose principally from 25 yrs ago joining archaeologists excavating an early Saxon cemetery, I had the honour there of emptying rubbish pits and a bit of work on a 1400 year old woman.
Thanks again for your welcome ..
Dave (Dave Detecting)
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