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A lot of legalise in there. As others have said, simple is key. Trying to make it sound too much like a legal document may be detrimental. Do you have a legal background?

I see you are putting in a sole use clause. What happens if the landowner already has detectorists on their land? I see you have also put in you can take at least 1 other person with you to detect for safety reasons?

Clause e i could open you up for being accused of damage you haven't done. Can you afford vet bills that you may or may not have caused?

e ii you are not wanting to detect on growing crops? My landowners are perfectly fine for me to do that.

Treasure trove is not applicable unless you are in Scotland?

You legally have to report human remains so that should also be in there if you are going in to detail
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In the handshake camp too - both of my permissions, I know the farmers - we've not even discussed about finds worth over £500 etc.

Both ask from time to time if I've found much, I show/tell them what I have - there's some interest otherwise they're not too bothered as there's mutual trust if I did find anything significant.
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No contracts here, local lad that has built up trust :thumbsup:
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I would seriously council against a formal contract.

Ask the land owner a few basic questions - can I bring a friend or not, seeing finds, sharing value/ rewards, parking spots, access times, recording find spots, etc. Once all that is agreed via a friendly chat send him/ her an email confirming the stuff discussed and ask if that is correct or needs any amendments. Get a response and then everything is in writing. It’s as legally binding as a written contract, a lot less hassle and a thousand times more palatable to 99% of the farming world.

I have a contract ready if I ever need one but only suggested one once and would never do it again.
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I too started some years ago dangling a contract agreement under the landowners nose for them to sign (after they had given permission) , but every single landowner declined to sign it, I even had one landowner that refused to even read it even though they gave me the permisssion.
I remember on one occassion I was trying to get a permission and the Farmer who was willing to allow me to detect but directed me to a Land Agent that deat with all the land affairs on behalf of the landowner, so I sent off my agreement with a letter requesting permission, the reply was something like: "Unfortunately the landowner is not willing to sign the agreement" I often wonder if I had just asked for permission to detect would I have been successful? probably not but the wording made me wonder to this day.

The above knock back made me change tack, i.e. After getting a permission I would give them a copy of the verbal agreement (minus signatures) at my next visit, stating the name of the Farm, name of the landowner and telephone number, the permission consent date, who I was, where I was from, my mobile number and email address, I also include the fair agreement of a 50% share of any monetary gain made by me from any items found by me on their land. It then finished off with details of my MCDM membership and the www.address to the Treasure Act and some photos of my best finds on the agreement.

This I hope gives the landowner confidence that I will carry out my hobby in line with metal detecting best practices and the chance for the landowner to dispute the agreement if they so desired. I think that providing a professional looking agreement will maybe get some permissions by word of mouth, maybe not directly but when I turn up at a new farm and mention some of the neighbouring farms that I have permissions for there is the chance that my other permissions may have mentioned me in a good light to the that Farmer ?

I signed agreement/contract is preferable if possible but it is my experience that it may be a deal breaker the wrong way in some cases?

Everyone to their own I suppose.
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This aspect of detecting is often massively over-thought and a simple handshake, honesty over what's found and a bottle at Yuletide suits 99% of circumstances. Of course we need certain bases covered but as has been said this can be in the form of a simple email.

Stick a 3-page legal word salad under someone's nose and they're very likely to pull the plug, but the world is becoming an increasingly litigious place these days and nobody wants to leave themselves open.
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I'm in the hand shake camp too.
Farmers have enough paperwork they have to deal with ,adding more is just not a good idea.
Trust is key, regular contact, a bottle at Christmas works for both parties.

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