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A busy time at the moment with the harvest going on and with all the adjoining fields being cropped under the roar of farm machinery , it wont be long before permissions will be opening up for those waiting patiently . In the meantime I am lucky enough to have an adjoining pasture field and it is nice and handy to have a wander for an hour even though the ground conditions are less than perfect .
The last hour of an evening is best time for me as the daytime is far too hot and its more of a stroll about with the hope of something nice turning up .
First signal was adjacent to my house along the hawthorn hedge and was a nice confident steady signal . Tarpauling rings are common in this field and give off a similar sound but I was pleasantly surprised to find this George 11 halfpenny so not a bad start .
20220804_200716_resized[93583]george 11 .jpg
From that point I opted to do one line up to the far end of the field , turn right along the hedge line towards the gated entrance and then have a wander in that area before turning back for home . There is plenty of iron patches in this field and in amongst it was a feint squeak of a sound which once dug resulted in the sixpence dated 1965 , a year after my birth date . I am sure somewhere in here will be some random silver coinage . All the items were found within this area , nothing mind blowing but good fun all the same .
I am getting some decent depth here , the farthing was toasted and had deposited its leaked patina of green onto the adjoining soil and for a moment I thought I had a mini coin spill but the pointer was just picking up the remnants of the coin but this was a good 9 inches or so down so the Deus Lite is picking up the goodies even in the dry compact soil . Once again , the coin was in amongst the iron and I had no trouble picking up the difference within the signals despite the riotous grunts and squeaks from the iron .
20220805_092749_resized[93584]field finds .jpg
That was my last find as the light was fading , a nice pleasant walkabout with the added bonus of a few bits and bobs .
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:thumbsup: , love the sunset photo, very nice.
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Firstly that is a great photo, Paul.
Well done on your finds.
Not long now for the stubble fields.
Winter permission for us should be available end of Aug, 3 weeks earlier than previous seasons.
Good Luck, :thumbsup:
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