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Out today for a couple of hours and had a couple of decent finds, a memorial token of George 1V which reads George 1V king of great britain the reverse says born August 12th 1762 died June 26th 1830 crowned 19th July 1821and also the words beloved and lamented
The other find is a victorian button which is a copy of a nero coin I've found four of these buttons in the past all in the same field and all off the same coat no doubt
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Wow that soil is kind. Anything like that on my fields and they’d be in poor nick by now.

Two great finds :thumbsup:
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Wonder what sort of coat/garment had the Nero buttons? :ugeek:
Quite a promiment face on it too
Nice finds and agreed the soil has been kind to those 2 items
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The Memorial token has a good readable legend.
As for the button, must have fooled you on the first one found, unless the shank was the first part you saw.
Seems a strange thing to have on a button, none the less.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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There are other Nero buttons about: ... t_detail=1
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Had a couple of modern Otho buttons over the years. Finding his Denarii is somewhat harder!
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This reminds me, I have only ever found one Victorian Roman revival button, not sure where it is now though! Mind it was fun to fool my mate with it at the time! :D
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