A few finds from the meadow

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An early mornings fresh start for me today but at a different location just for a change of scenery . It was back to the small field of which I hadnt been back to for a month or so , the sheep had been on and grazed so the grass had been chewed down to a more reasonable level and now they have done their deed my access was now free once again .
I quite like this field , it has given up a couple of hammered coins for me and a few other interesting bits and bobs on my last few visits and brings me onto another reason for my return . There is an ancient hedge line which is quite impressive and I wanted to take some photographs for a piece of artwork I have been meaning to complete and feeling a little creative , it was a good excuse to get down there and get some inspiration .
Weatherwise , nice clear blue skies , not a cloud in sight but with that expanse of clear blue comes with it the nipping cold and a touch of frost so it wasnt exactly warm but I was well togged up and after a much needed cuppa I was ready to go . Plenty of iron here but my first decent signal was a small lead bullet which makes a change from the musket balls .
Thereafter it was pretty quiet for a bit until my next signal which turned out to be a really nice livery/crest button in pretty good condition .
20220113_204622[40978]button face.jpg
It was nice to see the address readable to the rear and another one from London .
20220113_204607[40977]button rear.jpg
Apart from that neat little find not a lot else was happening on the finds front apart from a couple more plain buttons and a couple of worn battered coins .
One chunky lump was a screamer of a signal and at first I thought it was a lump of lead but once wiped it looks to be part of a vessel , maybe from a pot . It has some black crud stuck fast to one side and looks as if it has been burnt on , whatever it is from it seems to have some age .
Not a lot else came up in my short session and a few mishaps made my mind up to pack up and get home and get this little water colour finally finished . Reaching into my bag for my small flask I had found that it had leaked all over the contents of my bag , pinpointer , spare gloves etc were now soaked in muddy luke warm tea !
20220113_194133_resized[40969]todays finds.jpg
A short but fun session and a little hedge painting thrown in for good measure :thumbsup:
20220113_194647_resized_2[40974] ancient hedge .jpg
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A decent livery button :thumbsup: Loving that water colour :thumbsup:
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Looks like a small cooking pot leg. Great painting. :thumbsup:
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Lovely painting, Paul :clapping:

Put me mind of that avenue of trees called The Dark Hedges in N.I.
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Lovely painting Paul :Star: Seems like you had a fun days detecting too :D
chill…karma will fix it

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Spilling tea would end my day in tears :lol:

Looks as though the coins were eluding you on that session fella :thumbdown:
But a day out with nature is worth it on its own

Mixed with a chance to capture nature in a painting too :thumbsup:
I am not known for my ID skills, but i make a cracking brew :thumbsup:
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Nice painting, Paul.
Well done on getting out although your finds were few, on this occasion.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Gleaner wrote: Tue Jan 25, 2022 7:15 pm A family name for your button
https://www.myfamilysilver.com/pages/cr ... me=Holland
Great ID👍🏼
chill…karma will fix it

Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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