Found my earliest milled silver + hammered

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Absolutely in love with this little William 3rd 6pence I found the other day in North Yorkshire. My earliest to date and also nicer than my bullheads and victorias

Also a nice Edward 111 half groat that came up yesterday same area
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Them Williams don’t come up like that very often! Nice coins :thumbsup:
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Well found butty they are great coins nout like a bit of silver :thumbsup:
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Great coins. :thumbsup:
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Thanks very much everyone 100% my best milled silver. Came from no we’re too. Nothing for a few hours not even a copper coin just the usual bits .22 pellets and cartridges then boom blew my ears off about 2” down. Looking forward to getting back out later in the week
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Nice coins well found :clapping:
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Two nice coins.
Hammered is really good, however you have a regional Milled Silver coin, the thing i want to find most.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Both lovely silvers of their kind. But I do like me a bit of early milled silver and that is extremly handsome.
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Great pair of coins :clapping:
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Two great coins :clapping:
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