is this as boring as it looks...?

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...Its just the markings and indentations on the end made me think it might not be something to do with a seed drill or other part of farm machinery! Bronze or copper alloy and terrible photos I'm afraid; I couldn't seem to get the right light to show what I mean....

Anyway, anyone any ideas? Any help much appreciated!
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Well,let’s put it this way,it’s not one of your usual stunners :lol:
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Iron age or Roman pin I think, or perhaps earlier?

Regards Steve
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Not as boring as some of my finds on a bad day :lol:
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One of those studdy things. I was told they are Roman but I don’t study Roman things (and often mix them up for other time periods :lol: ).

Being serious I wonder what it was used on? It might be plain but I bet it’s had an interesting life :D
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