Roman key handle?

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On a bit of a role at the moment. I believe this is the handle of a Roman key and the rest would have been iron?
Any help would be appreciated and how best to clean please?
Thank you.
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Roman trefoil-shaped key bow.
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Yep, Roman key :thumbsup:
Like this one: ... id/1147510

“ An incomplete Roman rotary key with an elaborate trilobate handle cast in copper alloy, from which emerges a fragmentary iron stem. The handle is formed of a number of gradually blocks of circular cross-section, above which the openwork trilobate terminal. The iron stem is circular in cross-section and is broken. Some orange corrosion product extends up the blocks of the handle. Above the blocks the trilobate handle flares out. It thins very slightly along it length at which point it terminates in a globular knop. The end has three arches, as is to be expected, with the central arch wider and longer than those that flank it. The holes are 'keyhole' shaped and are filled at the bottom with corrosion products. The copper-alloy has an even dull-grey patina with patches of light-green corrosion product, and other green patches, slightly brighter and more invasive.”
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Brilliant find :thumbsup:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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