Bronze Age found yesterday

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Hi guys found a lot of Bronze Age bits in south wales but not alot of complete artefacts this is a first for me in 28 years of detecting I love it over the moon with this find :thumbsup:
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Is that a dagger blade? Wooow. Congrats. Crazy find. :clapping:
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Great find. :thumbsup:
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That is a lovely little piece of Bronze Age history!
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Mid-late( Circa 1200 BC - 900 BC) Bronze Age dirk/dagger.
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Very nice !! :thumbsup:

Well found and well saved.
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Very special indeed. :thumbsup:
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Is it true there is only 6 of these in the world? with yours 7. Or is that a diffrent kind of dagger.
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Lovely find :clapping:
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Now that’s a proper find :clapping:
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That is rather special and I am happy to admit I am more than a little envious!
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