The Detectorists - they’ve announced a one off special!

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Oh yes, the news many of us have been waiting for!
The feature-length, 75 minute episode is to air later this year, updating fans of the cult hit series on the lives of its characters, five years since the end of Series 3.
More info here
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:thumbsup: :D :D :D
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I'm surprised that Mackenzie Crook has got the time. He's currently in a play called Jerusalem in London. :thumbsup:
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Good news :thumbsup:
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Great news to start the day :-)
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Sometimes things are best left alone. I thought the last episode was poor; if I expect the same I won't be disappointed!
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DaveP wrote: Thu May 12, 2022 9:28 am Sometimes things are best left alone. I thought the last episode was poor; if I expect the same I won't be disappointed!
It's going to need some good writing, but they have the writers to do it. Fingers crossed :thumbsup:
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I loved the original series. I enjoyed each series...but probably found them less consistent. Some excellent scenes and some very 'soap opera' vibes at times. It inevitably happens when characters start to get stretched. Probably why MC decided enough was enough. It is hard to keep on finding scenarios which are not repetitive or predictable. People get increasingly predictable the more you get to know them. (After 40 years knowing hubby I can predict what he is going to do before it even occurs to him. :lol: )
I would be happy enough with this. It will be gentle entertainment at the very least. However: these days so many beloved characters and programmes go Woke and become unwatchable and joyless. My Woke-meter is very sensitive these days. At the first twitch of that needle swinging into the red zone of Woke I will switch off.
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Oxgirl wrote: Wed May 11, 2022 11:02 pm Oh yes, the news many of us have been waiting for!

More info here
Good news, all day long ! :thumbsup:
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Look forward to watching this.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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When i'm feeling low, especially during the lockdown and no digs or available land, The detectorists - (my keyboard even changed this to detectors!) cheers me up no end.
At my club we were talking about the new one off and someone said they didn't like it because it makes us look like a load of prats! As a "detector" I must be a prat because I see so much in it that my fellow "detectors" do and say!
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Looking forward to this.
A breath of fresh air in these troubled times.
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