Last bits of silver from the arable fields

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Managed 4 hours on two arable fields before they were seeded and found 4 pieces of silver - nothing very old, but very welcome.

George V florin, Victoria bun head sixpence, part of a silver teaspoon and what appears to be a rolled piece from a cane.

No arable fields left now
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Very nice ending there :thumbsup:
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Well done , iam liking the spoon :thumbsup:
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Good bit of hoovering there. I too like me a silver spoon. I've not found any since coming to France. The cheapskates all used pewter. :lol:
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Very well done! 4 bits of silver in 3 hours is great going. I bet there’s a lot more to be found there.
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Good going that, roll on harvest time or maybe now on to pasture. :thumbsup:
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