Black Friday - deals now online

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I can feel a struggle from the dealer?????XP orx and D1 are millions on the bay Nox are also everywhere with some very very good deals

I want a deal on MANTICOILS to add to the collection or a GPX6000 deal to pick up the shrapnells at 40" :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Not that I'll be needing one anytime soon...CMD got 20% off Coiltek 15" coil for the Nox range.
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thanks for the heads up,im not up on shopping pet hate im afraid, but good to know big savings thanks everyone geoff
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DaveP wrote: Sun Nov 12, 2023 9:35 pm From a US dealer’s website.
Minelab's Military Discount Program Minelab offers a 15% discount that is shared between the dealer and Minelab. Dealer participation is voluntary. A dealer is not obligated to offer the program.

The discount is only applicable for the individual listed on document. Receipt and registration must be in the name of the individual. The receipt must include an address.
Well! I wrote to Minelab Ireland and Minelab Australia to ask about this. And their reply ..........cue tumbleweed. Perhaps a tabloid would be interested :Thinking:

And, I wrote to the Competition and Markets Authority about price fixing. Part of their response was, "What happens now?
Our Intelligence Team will now analyse your enquiry using our published prioritisation principles. We prioritise the cases that are most likely to make a real difference for people and the UK economy based on our available resources and the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Looks like you are stuck being screwed :thumbdown:
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Intelligence team...crikey I wonder if they wear sunglasses and swat vests!?
If any price fixing should be investigated it should be the price of a pint!
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